Monday, August 3, 2009

Had a minute and got to do a couple of shoes. These were requested by Juno and Blogerella and I must say they were very much JJ-approved choices:

THE boot

Jil Sander ss08 wedges

Hope u like!


sophia said...

great drawings i commented on tfs but i thought I would just say it again.

chauss said...

love these! :)

Lola Re said...

oh wow, I LOVE the second drawing!! and the new layout :o) well done

Bloggerella said...

Thank you so much for doing them. I really LOVE your drawing.
Would it be ok if I posted drawing on my blog?

JJ said...

thank you guys! I'm glad you love them.

Blogerella, of course you can :)

juno said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR TAKING MY REQUEST!! ur amazing :O if you dont mind i'll post them too!