Saturday, August 15, 2009

DIOR fw2002 knit mohawk benie

I really, really need one of these peruvian knit beanies. They must be incredibly hard to find, lucky is the bitch that snagged it at the Daphne Guinness auction!!!!

.•:*¨¨*:•. Gael.•:*¨¨*:•.

(Can we discuss Mariacarla at 1:14 ??? throwing 'tude left and right!!)

I hope someone on Etsy will be willing to make me this magical piece of headgear., justinleaddict on youtube


william said...

Good thing I look terrible in hats; my wish list does not need any new additions.

patheticfashionfreak. said...

ha!! <3
p.s. that hat sold for over $7,000 in that auction.. i was "watching" it on Ebay :S

JJ said...

william: tbh I think you would rock one of these ;)

patheticfashionfreak: EXCUSE ME?!? over 7000 !?!?=2
holy shitstorm!! I am now more inclined than ever to have one made and not wait for one on ebay O_O

D said...

Thank you for the sweet comment and the visit! Dior by John Galliano is godly...thank you for sharing!

The Starving Stylist said...

Winter never looked so couture fun with something like that being worn!

KAELA said...

Gail .. soooo beautiful!

Gold Sphere said...

Mariacarla!!!! I love her.

Anonymous said...

7,000 for a hat???!!! here in chile you can find this hat at 1 dolar :)

Ashly said...

Check out this etsy seller's work! She makes more wear-able and affordable mohawk hats!

Anonymous said...

$7,000...If I Had 7 Gs To Blow, I Would in a heartbeat said...