Thursday, November 6, 2008

Medic Esthetic

image © rené van der hulst

Gwendolyn Huskens recently presented her shoe collection at the graduation show of the Design Academy of Eindhoven.
Inspired by the taboos usually associated to physical deformities, she constructed her shoes using medical and orthopedic materials such as plaster, bandages and band-aids.

How genius is this? I love when a designer is willing to push the boundaries and give garments an almost morbid connotation. At first glance you see an amazing, proportional shoe, then you notice the materials and instantly your mind is catapulted into the orthopedic ward of a hospital. I wish casts actually looked like this. I would seriously break both my big toes to work that wedge bootie. I hope someone is coming up with *fierce* crutches.

images from
marzellluz's flickr


Marina said...

O, please, don't do this!I prefer your healthy legs in Nicolas Kirkwood booties))))
P.S. Funny idea, but more suitable for movies or theatre

brian ashby said...

these shoes are AMAZING....i would love to work with this designer someday!

Gerry said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. I would wear any of them in a heartbeat. Thanks for posting :)