Friday, November 7, 2008


I am aware that most of my recent posts have been trash talk... as not to become one of those bloggers that has to criticize everything I offer a post with things I do like! in this case, editors. Here are two I LIKE:

Mirochka from Russian Harper's Bazaar

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this outfit *KILLS* me. That coat.

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Anna dello Russo




I love how she goes apeshit with super luxe, arty pieces. that red striped Balenciaga coat is *screaming* out for me.


Anonymous said...

top girl is killin it. soooo dreamy and well dressed and cute. <3 posted her in superfashionista thread.

- money tuff

R. said...

i alway swoon over anna dello russo's photos. she's so *fierce* and just plain gorgeous...

doera said...

ab fab!
the trend sandals with tights for winter begun as a stylistic suggestion this year? (I am not sure but I am not quite confy with the idea)!

brian ashby said...

the first chick's all-prada outfit is so terrifying it makes me cry. but her alaia dress is amazing! ...i just question her choice of accessories.

as for anna della russo, i've always called her dogface. woof-woof!! can't stand the bitch!

Marina said...

Miroslava is very trendy girl. Yes, she is stylish but to me Anna is better. Anna can wear absolutely incredible things and look like style queen. I love her!

Miss Urbanita said...

Love first look! So stylish.

Anonymous said...