Sunday, October 12, 2008

Throwing down the gauntlet

I have abstained from doing the usual "round-up" of the various ss09 collections after the fashion weeks, after having been bombarded with them at virtually all the fashion blogs and fashion-related websites (as I'm sure you have been too!)

continuing on with regular blogging, I have been recently come upon these Burberry gauntlet gloves.

Pretty amazing. I would wear these in a second, what a perfect way to add texture and badass-ness to a winter outfit. Knowing Burberry Prorsum prices, I would not expect the price to be under $500.
Being the resourceful gal that I am, I am constantly surfing the interwebs to find that amazing piece that relatively costs next to nothing, and I am not talking high street, h&m-inspired pieces. I give you very similar, gauntlet gloves from.....Renaissance/Medieval costume websites! Thumbs up to the fabulous Brian for giving me the tip.

Studded cowhide gauntlets - 40 effin dollars.

how amazing are those studs?

Star Wars Clone Wars Anakin Gloves Adult
cheaper, but they aren't leather. Try not to laugh, these are actually "Star Wars Clone Wars Anakin gloves", but I am not kidding you when I tell you that they remind me SO MUCH of these epic spaceman gauntlets by Raf Simons I saw at 10 Corso Como last winter. You would be surprised by how many designers are inspired by things they see at vintage stores and costume parlors.
$12 at

While I was at the medieval websites, I found myself coveting a lot of items. This, for example, is nothing short of breathtaking.

Inspired by samurai/shinobi gauntlets.
They may seem ridiculous in the context of the costume/reenactment websites, but try picturing them in a bondage-centric Meisel editorial. I'm seeing dark, dramatic photography, smoke, and black lipstick on Lara Stone wearing nothing but a black patent Alaia corset belt.

I bet they're seeming a bit more relevant now.

What about these Steel Reinforced Ninja/Shinobi Gauntlets with throwing spikes? I would seriously recommend these to any fierce girl living in a dangerous city (*COUGH*MEXICOCITY*COUGH*).

*throwing spikes*

get both ($134 and $259, respectively) here.

If you're a gesticulating girl you'll be sure to get your point across.


beccajanie said...

I love that you searched costume websites - your finds are spectacular! loving them.

Sarah Edwina Rose said...

Fabulous idea! I will definitely be browsing some fancy dress shops; I imagine the Halloween stock will satisfy my current goth fetish.