Monday, October 13, 2008

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Balmain has been the collection on everyone's lips recently. After receiving much hype from the Vogue Paris team, the brand led by Cristophe Decarnin had become fashion's "darling".
The look is decidedly sexy, crystals, studs, miniskirts and a strong shoulder define the Balmain woman.
I personally think the return to sexy is welcome, but I *refuse* to accept or justify the prices of Balmain RTW.

$1500 for a T-shirt with sequins? $1140 for skinny jeans with zippers? I'm sorry, but no. The (lack of) workmanship on these garments does not justify these prices. To me it is more of a clever marketing ploy. The extreme prices drive up "exclusivity", and the fact that not everyone can get it just makes it all the more covetable.

I have good news for us common folk!!
you can have a piece of authentic Decarnin-designed garments for CHEAP.

It seems no one knows (cares?) that Christophe Decarnin was designing for Paco Rabanne from 1997 to 2005. If you have a good eye, you can find Decarnin-designed Rabanne pieces on Ebay France. How do you know they're Decarnin?

Sometimes the seller will add a pic of the tag where you can see the season. Or sometimes, it's just so relevant to today's Balmain that it CAN'T be by anyone else. Just put "Paco Rabanne" in the search box and go through the results. When you find something skimpy and shimmery, you know you've come across a gem!

a few on now:

12 euros

20.50 euros

75 euros

Now there are no excuses!! go work the sexy!!


urbanita said...

Love the silver Rabanne skirt!. Good ideas ;)

Sara said...

I'm tagging you for the “I ♥ your blog” award because I love your blog!

masha said...

incredible idea and thank you for sharing :)

Fashion Is Poison said...

yeah those prices are ridiculous....!

Fashion Is Poison said...

heeey. i just cleaned up my super cluttered blog. hope you don't mind that i put your name under your link. i want to make my blog more personal, as in putting blogs i actually read.