Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I have a really bad case of the raccoon eyes.

Without concealer I look like I've been up for 2 days straight when most likely I have just woken up from a good night's sleep.

I was lookin' thru some old edits and I happened to find this gorgeous Ana Beatriz editorial... sans concealer. girl has some mad circles!! circle twins!!



LL said...

I call my puffy baggy eyes "chicken eggs"
I have yet to find a holy grail concealer to cover them up
Let's hope Ana Beatriz's circles weren't created by make-up

Thanks for being my first follower! I use bloglovin' so I get your updates from there.

JJ said...

Hey I use MAC 35 and I love it... and I swear I've been through them all!!

you should try MAC :)

Emily and Abigail said...

obsessed. these pics are perfection. I love the grungy high fashion vibe she has!!

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

you know what i really want? i want to sell my gareth pugh 38s and get your 39s :( the size 38 is normally my size and my feet fit in them but they don't zip up the back because they're so tight.

is it weird that i think dark circles are kind of pretty sometimes?

JJ said...

I think they look good... just not on me tho :P

I'm going to try and embrace them by going concealer-less.

BTW lemme know if you want the 39's.. that's wierd, I thought the GPs ran big!! I'm a true 39 and they are a bit loose on me O_o

SAMI. said...

you're so funny! love these images and your blog!


galatea. said...

this is perfect ! thank you for sharing xx


Goya said...

I love these photos! I need to know where they were published, I am from Chile and i did not know anything about this

JJ said...

Goya, I didn't note the magazine where it was published but maybe you can try searching Noirfacade for Ana Beatriz Barros and this editorial will pop up! they usually have all the info.

Anonymous said...

I love these photos!