Tuesday, July 13, 2010

when **edginess** takes a turn for the worst

Man Jeffery Campbell, can you rape the emo-goth-rock chic trend any more ??!! there are so many permutations of leather/straps/studs/grommets/zippers combo you can do before it starts looking like ass.

these said **BACK IN STOCK** on the thumbnail which means people actually bought them. And you know they were sober because secure payment page forms are a bitch to fill out.

I mean, I know that we all silently sob ourselves to sleep over the givenchy optical wedges but I would rather wear dirty chanclas to a gaultier couture fitting then wear this clusterfuck of a shoe.

and what, pray tell, is THIS?!

the unloved child of a Chloe Doc and a Chanel clog?



Stephanie said...

Haha, agreed on all offenses! Those are some truly nasty shoes.

william said...

thank god. I hate hate hate jc.

his shoes look like the ugly, overweight snaggle toothed twin of their designer counterparts.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOUUU! this post literally had me laughing so hard i cried.

Anonymous said...

AMEN. WORD. i love JC but lately... its like, cmon. their blog gives credit to the girls that wear this stuff and they have NO TASTE

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

SO RIGHT ON ABOUT THE CHLOE DOCS MEET CHANEL CLOGS. and the other are like the bastard child of that givenchy blazer and a bellydancer's hideous ankle bracelet.

MargieF said...

haha you are so right. everytime i see ANOTHER jc shoe/ boot on a blog i wonder why i feel like ive seen them before...and then i realise its because theyve moved a zip or stud from the front to the heel or something...

InnyVinny said...

Yes. That is EXACTLY what that hot mess of a shoe is. JC has no shame. NONE.