Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I must be the only one in blogalandia that found Karl Lagerfeld's short film to be crap.

With all the hype that surrounds Karl as a photographer and filmmaker I was expecting something more... AT LEAST for the storyline and acting to not be so damn cringe-worthy? bitches couldn't act their way out of a dirty St. Tropez Mcdonalds bathroom!

Damn it Karl, you had all the ingredients (couture, hot older men , gorge locale) and you serve up this caca!

pretty much the **only** highlight is getting to see Magdalena's stunning pancake face in action <3<3<3>

I am not even gonna post part 2!


william said...

It was definitely crap. The eye candy distracted most people.

bagosaurus said...

I missed the eye candy too. No candies in my video. Only some hookers with a penis, hookers without it and a pointless old man.