Monday, April 5, 2010

I dunno about y'alls but I have this terrible habit of eating my nails and all their immediate surroundings.
I've tried every kind of solution but I really think just treating myself to a fierce manicure will stop me from dining on my fingers every waking second of the day, seeing as my hands look nice and all.

I normally don't give a caca about manicures and personally think the french manicure is ghetto as fuck and NOT in a good way, so I was kind of debating what kind of color to get, etc, maybe some crazy Lisa Frank-type nail art even...

BUT THEN I SAW THIS on londongyaruguide:


yes I believe that is a **pom pom** attached to the ring finger

do any of you bitches have this???? how do you fare with putting on tights/adjusting your tangas?

pics from


Rachael said...

I was just in a bookstore checking out a Japanese magazine entirely dedicated to this type of nail art. It's amazing, I think I would always feel dressed up if my nails had their own accessories. I've never had my nails done professionally but if I could find someone to do THAT, I would be in the salon tonight.

Marina said...

You know I hate such style. Russian women love such nail art. Even if they 40 or 50 years old, even if they looks like grandomothers they do it. That's why I hate it.
P.S. Your Comme des Garcons kirt is something from my dreams! Great as always!!!

Anonymous said...

About a month ago I saw a bank teller who used rhinestones and glitter to make an ocean motif on her nails. She told me that she got them done in Mexico, and that the style's not available in the Bay Area yet.

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

i know it's all chic and shit for fashionistas to have short black nails or some trendy color of the moment but i'm a huge fan of japanese nail art. i go to an awesome place that the sky's the limit and they do whatever i want. japanese salons are the way to go.

check out my "prada nails" on my blog, that's just a small example of the awesome shit they do.

or you can always buy paint/supplies online and do it yourself. i'm sure your artistic ass is more than capable!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, i was just wondering how much damage can those pointy nails do to our collection of tights - not to mention skin if you accidentally scratch yourself.. but how crazy cool are those? i'm sure we don't have those in portugal either...typical