Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan footwear

from oki-ni:

Produced and developed in association with Sergio Rossi and Puma, the unisex HYBRID COLLECTION explores the morphing of genres, a re-occuring theme in Chalayan's work. Borrowing elements from existing footwear styles, the unisex HYBRID COLLECTION offers a fresh interpretation of the trainer.

The colour palette includes taupe, black, coffee, neutral and white. Fabrics range from suede and calf leather to nylon puffa and the collection comprises of five key styles.

They look a bit like the spawn of a RickOwensCommonProjectsRafbyRaf drunk threeway but I'm cool with that. The boot is especially striking, I can see it becoming a total it-shoe this winter. Who wants to initiate the countdown till Kanye copies them for his next LV line wears them?

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